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At The Compliance Space, we understand the unique requirements of consultants as we’ve walked in your shoes.

We know that – when it comes to GDPR and data integrity – the trust your clients place in your advice and expertise is of paramount importance. That’s why we developed The Compliance Space – a complete, easy-to-use platform for all your clients’ data requirements. Contact us now for a free demo to see why The Compliance Space can be your trusted GDPR software partner.

Benefits that are more than GDPR

Purpose-built Platform

The Compliance Space provides you with a ready-made solution to offer to your clients that is guaranteed to comply with the latest GDPR developments and is easy-to-use.

Boost in Revenue

The platform allows you to both better manage your clients’ data needs, and control your own workflow, allowing you to concentrate on adding value elsewhere. We also offer a special rate for consultants – contact our team for more information.

Increase in Efficiency

Working more effectively allows you to add value to both existing and new clients that are still using time-consuming spreadsheets, as well as freeing uptime in your day.

Dedicated Service

Our expert team is on hand to answer any queries, providing full reassurance that we are here for both you, and your clients.

One easy, efficient, powerful GDPR platform

Organisation Manager

The Organisation Manager is a live dashboard that allows you to easily track and manage the progress of all your clients. It shows a status overview for each individual business and also provides a way to keep track of - and respond to - any client queries via a ticketing function.

  • Provides a live view of client progress against individual modules
  • Helps you and your clients manage any outstanding activities
  • Provides a communications function to easily resolve client queries

Ticket Function

The ticketing function is a built-in tool which enables our partners to manage communications with their clients. Clients raise a query or question ‘ticket’ via the DPO Support module, which alerts the partner, who can then easily respond via the Organisation Manager ticketing function.

  • Makes the management of communications with clients simple
  • Built-in alerts keep you responsive to your clients’ needs
  • Tickets are stored, acting as an FAQ repository

Ongoing support from a dedicated account manager

Once you’ve become a partner of The Compliance Space, you’ll be introduced to a dedicated account manager. They’ll be on hand to help with onboarding and answer any of your questions about the features and benefits of the online platform.

Becoming a Partner

Stage 1

Book a free demo

Interested in The Compliance Space? Talk to our team to book your free, no obligation demo.

Stage 2


When you are a partner of The Compliance Space, our experts will provide you and your team with full training on the software, so you can confidently explain it to clients.

Stage 3


The intelligent software will provide you with regular updates on GDPR - including alerts and reminders in line with the legislation - allowing you to use the data gathered to inform your clients’ future GDPR strategies.

Stage 4

Ongoing Support

Your dedicated account manager will support you and answer any queries you or your clients may have.

Unlock an added layer of benefits

We want your business to be a success – that’s why, as well as everything you see here, we offer extra benefits, support and rewards. Everything you need, and more.

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We truly believe we have developed the best – and most intuitive - GDPR platform, that has been designed specifically with the consultant in mind. To find out more, or book a free demo, please contact us below.

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