A fully modularised one-time entry platform

Developed by a team of experienced technology and data privacy experts — our platform has been designed to be practical and user friendly.

All of the modules offer advice and guidance throughout which make securely capturing and managing information easy. Users can access The Compliance Space anywhere, at any time, on any device.


The Dashboard is the area where you can review your organisation's alignment progress to GDPR compliance. It shows an overview progress for all of the individual modules. It’s also the area where companies who are subscribed to the DPO support service can raise and manage support queries.

Stay on track

Track your progress and manage any outstanding activities.

Manage your settings

Manage your organisational settings and raise support queries.

Raise Support

Users can feedback directly to the team via the Dashboard.

Intuitive design

Designed to allow quick navigation throughout the platform.

How the platform works

Processes Module

The Processes Module has been developed to intelligently capture all of your data processing activities. This includes purpose & lawful basis for processing, aligned data systems, 3rd parties, international transfers and any associated risks.

  • Helps make capturing processing activities quick & simple.
  • No need to be a data privacy expert to use.
  • Intelligently links with other modules to save time.

Data Systems & 3rd Parties

The Data Systems & 3rd Party module is where you will record the data systems, 3rd parties and all security provisions in use. The module will also monitor contract alignment and contract end-dates and alert as necessary. Additionally our file upload feature will give you the ability to manage all of your contracts in one place.

  • Track data system and suppliers GDPR alignment.
  • Alerts you when your contracts are due for renewal.
  • Helps IT teams track and manage data systems.


The Risks Module is where you can manage any organisational GDPR risks. The tool will guide you in managing your risk profile, aligning individuals to action any risks and track their progress against risk mitigation.

  • Centrally monitor and manage your risks.
  • Ability to align risks to systems and processes.
  • Track progress and evidence actions.

Legitimate Interest Assessments

When legitimate interest is used as a lawful basis for data processing, it is important that your balance tests are completed and recorded. The assessment tool is designed to give you an indicator of whether this lawful basis is appropriate. The tool helps you do this by guiding you through a number of predefined questions with indicators alerting you when issues may arise.

  • Simplifies the process of completing a balance test.
  • Alerts you to when an activity may introduce risk.
  • Satisfies the requirements set by the GDPR.

Subject Access Requests

The Subject Access Requests tool allows you to record and track all requests from data subjects. Managing this process can be difficult and time consuming. So, right from the initial request through to the discovery of data locations, built-in features and alerts will ensure that managing the whole process is simple and efficient.

  • Helps manage the workflow by reducing complexity when dealing with a request.
  • Interacts with and guides data subjects when making a request.
  • The system intelligently provides you the location of the information requested — focusing your discovery exercise.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

The DPIA Module will help you assess whether a Data Privacy Impact Assessment should be conducted and then guide you through the process of completing one. The tool will provide you with feedback on potential risks and assist you on how to mitigate them.

  • Easy to use step by step guide on how to complete an assessment.
  • The collaborative working feature enables multiple input for each assessment.
  • Feedback features will help advise and guide you on your risks.

Breach Register

The Breach Register Module allows you to record and evaluate breaches. The module will give an indication of breach severity alongside alerts, guidelines and reporting — to enable the efficient management of any data breach scenario.

  • Alerts and automatic reporting features help you add structure to incident management.
  • The breach calculator will help advise you on the severity of the incident.
  • Acts as an evidence repository to analyse trends and inform your information security.

File Store

Key documents such as signed contracts, forms, policies, procedures and evidence of consent need to be stored in a location that is centralised. This module offers you the ability to upload, store and manage these documents appropriately.

  • Centralised storage of key GDPR policies and processes.
  • The upload feature helps align key documents to individual Processes, Data Systems, Risks & DPIAs.
  • Inbuilt features allow easy search and categorisation your documents.

DPO Support

The DPO Support Desk is an optional module where you can raise questions or concerns with a team of qualified Data Protection Officers to help guide you towards GDPR alignment. Included is a breach response service. which means that even at the most stressful of times support and guidance is only a click away.

  • Expert advice at the click of a button.
  • Breach response advice within 24 hours.
  • Delivered by certified Data Protection Officers.

Task Scheduler

Drive engagement in data protection throughout your organisation.

  • Create and assign tasks to relevant colleagues.
  • Monitor activity and track progress.
  • Built-in alert system will flag overdue areas.

Real time reporting

360° visibility on your data privacy approach at the touch of a button.

  • Download live, easy to navigate reports on key insights.
  • Identify areas of risk.
  • Build a clear picture of the effectiveness of data privacy processes in real time.
Yvonne Smithers, Chief Financial Officer, The Scouts

“The Compliance Space are a valued partner and support us on a range of data related projects. We subscribe to the Data Protection Support Service which gives us access to expert advice and guidance when we need it most.

Yvonne Smithers, Chief Financial Officer, The Scouts
Royal Academy of Music

The Compliance Space has really transformed the way we manage data protection at the Academy. It's easy to use and it's great that we have access to all the information we need in one place.

Royal Academy of Music
David Miller, Director of Legal and Secretary to the Institute, City & Guilds Group

The platform helps the City and Guilds Group to establish a high level of protection and privacy for all of its data by offering pre-defined processes, easy to use data processing registers and advice based tooling, playing an important part in maintaining and improving our BAU practices and processes.

David Miller, Director of Legal and Secretary to the Institute, City & Guilds Group

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