Support Policy

The Compliance Space offers a digitally aligned GDPR framework developed by experienced technology and data protection consultants. The tooling has been designed to be practical and user friendly whilst meeting all the requirements that ensure your business can meet the demands of the legislation.

Here at the Compliance Space we appreciate that understanding the GDPR and the practical applications can be a daunting task, so alongside the tooling we also offer additional assistance as an optional module. Our dedicated support desk is manned by experienced and qualified Data Protection Officers who are here to assist in answering all your GDPR questions.

In addition to the general support queries, the team will be available during what can be the most stressful of times – breach. As part of a guaranteed 24-hour response we will also assist and guide you through the qualification and quantification of a breach and offer guidance and assistance throughout the event to ensure minimal impact and business disruption.

  1. What’s included
    Module Description
    Dashboard The Dashboard is the area where users can review their alignment progress to the GDPR. It shows overall progress for all of the individual tiles. It is the area where companies who are subscribed to the DPO support desk can raise and manage support tickets.
    Data Processes Register This is where users record their organisational processing activities. This includes the capturing of the lawful basis for processing activities, associated systems in use and any risks associated to that activity.
    Data Systems & 3rd Parties Data Systems & 3rd Parties is where a user will record the data systems and third parties in use throughout the organisation. The system will also monitor contract alignment and contract end dates and alert as necessary.
    Risk Register Risk Register is where users can upload and managed GDPR risks within the organisation. Risks are categorised and prioritised for ease of mitigation.
    Legitimate Interests Assessments When legitimate interest is used as a lawful basis for processing it is important that a balance test is completed and recorded. This tool is designed to guide you on whether this lawful basis is appropriate for the processing activity. This is based on answers to several legitimacy questions which will be stored for later evidence of the assessment.
    Subject Access Request Tool The SAR tool allows organisation to record and track SAR progress. The tool also indicates where data is being stored so the discovery of data during the SAR process is optimised.
    Data Breach Tool The Data Breach tool allows organisations to record and evaluate breaches. The tool will give an indication of breach severity and guidelines to follow in the event of a data breach.
    DPO Support Desk The DPO support desk is an optional module where organisations can raise questions or concerns with The Compliance Space’s fully qualified Data Protection Officer’s.
    Data Privacy Impact Assessment Tool A Data Privacy Impact Assessment is a tool that can be used to capture and assure data related risks. This tool is built on a standard set of questions and a risk assessment section. This can be completed by a user of the application or an invited contributor.
    Key Document Management Key documents such as signed contracts, policies and processing consent evidence need to be stored in a location that is centralised. The Compliance Space offers the ability to upload these documents and store them appropriately with tags for ease of management.
  2. Service level and maintenance

    The Compliance Space is built across multiple zones on Amazon Web Services to deliver a robust hosting provision. As such, The Compliance Space offers a Service Level expectation that is based on this hosting platform, the way we use it and the time we monitor the platform. The Service Level is calculated over a 24-hour period, during this period 4 hours will be used for scheduled maintenance, this will between 22:00 and 02:00 daily.
    The uptime Service Level target works out to be 99.17% daily, this is worked out as follows:

    • Monitored time period = 20 hours = 72,000 seconds
    • Total down time =10 minutes = 600 seconds.
    • Sum is 600/72,000, which is 0.0083 = 0.83% of downtime allowed.
    • Means the Service Level is 100%-0.83% = 99.17%

    Backups of the data within the platform are completed daily and replicated away from the primary hosting location within the European Union.

  3. Security

    We use appropriate technical, organisational and administrative security measures to protect any information we hold in our records from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

    Our staff are granted access to client’s data on a need to know basis as appropriate to their role. All staff are required to have and maintain a high level of awareness for data privacy and security.

    Access to The Compliance Space portal is protected by unique usernames and passwords with passwords requiring a minimum complexity.

    The Compliance Space portal is hosted within the EU on Amazon Web Services, it benefits from:

    • AWS elastic services for scaling
    • Availability Zones for continuity of service in region
    • Multi-tier architecture to separate data from the front end
    • Encrypted database and backup service
    • Encrypted transport for client connections and administrative backend access

    For further detail on how we manage information security at The Compliance visit

  4. Browser Support

    For the best experience using our applications, we recommend that you use the latest version of one of the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari

    We advise you to keep your browser updated so that you always use the latest version available, with the most recent bug fixes and security improvements.

    If you use an older version of one of these browsers you might see web pages with a slightly different layout, but the content will be the same. The level of functionality in some applications may differ depending on the browser version you use.

  5. Continuous development

    The Compliance Space is a platform that continues to evolve. The software is continually developed in line with legislation changes, feature enhancements and customer feedback. We offer a direct conduit to our development roadmap via the ‘Send Feedback’ feature which can be found across the platform. All suggestions are reviewed and considered for future enhancements.

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